beckyBecky Goodrick

Sr. Sales Director
573 424 3501
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I started my Mary Kay business part time in 1996 while working full time as a registered nurse. I loved the nursing field and taking care patients, but really wanted to be home more with my family. I had never sold anything in my life, but I loved the Mary Kay products and my consultant. Within 18 months from starting my business I had earned a car, became a sales director, and gone part time in my nursing career. I love working with women and making them feel special! When a women looks good on the outside she feels better about herself on the inside! I also find it fun and exciting to help someone start their own Mary Kay business and provide for herself and her family, but still have the freedom and flexibility to give attention to the people and the things she values most in her life.


  • Individual facials
  • Group parties (sampling the skin care and/or spa products)
  • Bridal parties (Consultation prior to wedding / Wedding Day)
  • Gift service/gift wrap
  • Free delivery within 24 hours
  • On line shopping 24/7
  • 100% guarantee

Mary Kay Cosmetics is currently the #1 selling skin care and color cosmetic in the US.
(Even in this ever changing economic environment the sale of cosmetics is up 11%!)

If you are interested in a complementary facial or would like to know more about the career opportunity please feel free call or contact me through my website.