WIN member should invite prospective member to next scheduled social as a guest only. This will allow members to get to know the candidate in a social setting. Member who invites new one should introduce guest to each member individually, explain the guests’ business, etc. If there is not a scheduled social, candidate should be discussed via email and offered an invite to the next meeting if all members agree.


Prospective members will then be discussed via email, vote should be held on whether prospective member would be a good fit for group; personality and what they will contribute to WIN should be taken into consideration. This is a preliminary determination of wanting more info about the guest.


If prospective member is approved by majority, inviting member will ask candidate to fill out a profile sheet. Profile sheet will then be emailed by the inviting member for discussion.


Next meeting: review/discuss profile sheet on candidate, then vote on an invitation for membership. If approved by majority then the membership committee will invite candidate to the next meeting as a trial to see how WIN works, etc. Candidate will be given new member info including membership attendance requirements, dues, goals, and focus of WIN. Candidate will have one week to review that info and accept membership, informing Andrea Kenney. If not accepted within that time, membership invitation will be withdrawn.